I made a New Year's resolution to finally put some more work into this site, so naturally I've begun by tearing it all down and rewriting the CMS. In the mean time, please enjoy this lovely placeholder.


Here's a couple things I've done lately. Click for more info where applicable.

Fusion project revisit

Putting a dear old project to rest. Revived the fusor I built in high school for one more go before dismantling, this time with more solid instrumentation and proper data analysis. Neutrons and closure!
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Heli rotor head desk toy

A little side project for Autodesk, in which I got a little carried away.
Links: Gallery @ Autodesk

Very Serious Button

A nice multidisciplinary workout. I'd never made 100 of something before. Electronics design, PCB layout, parts sourcing, CNC machining, laser cutting, C++/Qt app, embedded C firmware, customer service. A ream of Python code to merge IndieGoGo and Google Forms data, drive CAM jobs for custom engraving, and manage order fulfullment.
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Nexus 5 car Qi cradle

A custom wireless charging cradle for the Nexus 5. No more awkwardly propping it up and messing with cables.
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Greg Courville